School History

Saint Teresa’s Primary School, Balbriggan opened in October 1975. The proposed building would house sixteen classrooms. Mrs. Mary Durkan was appointed Principal and Mrs. Rhone Ivory was appointed Vice-Principal of the new school.Two pre-fabs were erected on the school grounds to accommodate the fifty five new entrants. Ruth Guildea of Derham Park was the first girl enrolled and David Cronin, Dublin Street, the first boy. Boards of Management had not come into being at that time. The first Board of Management was formed the following year and held its first meeting on 26th January 1976. Fr. O’Beirne was Manager of the school and Vincent Barlow became Chairperson of the first Board. 1976 saw the employment of a third teacher, Mrs. Josephine Taylor. Temporary accommodation was sought in the social centre on Hampton Street for one of the classes. In 1977 four classrooms in the lower part of the school became available. Fr. O’Beirne’s devotion to and the fact that the school opened its doors on her feast day resulted in the choosing of St. Therese, ‘the Little Flower’ as patron saint of the school.